Specialisation, service, knowledge and experience.

End-to-end service from consulting to startup

Consulting and comprehensive solutions

We bring any business vision to life thanks to our industry-specific experience and specialisation.

Looking for solutions to develop an idea?

Openings, extensions, refurbs, industrial kitchens, equipment connectivity projects for cold and hot lines, and buffet designs.

Chef Consultant Training

We make sure that your kitchen is durable, easy to use and efficient. After project integration, our chef consultant will be in charge of training you to get the most out of the product.

Our success stories

We work with the most groundbreaking and important companies in the world of hotel, restaurant and industrial catering equipment. Our customers trust us.

We help you
build your business

always by your side

We pinpoint what you need

Innovation experts.
Fans of collaboration.

We organise and plan with you

Teamwork. We analyse and address your needs. We plan the layout of spaces and the most appropriate product. We design your project.

We implement and start up

We make your design come true. Efficiency, coordination and speed to execute projects. We leave everything ready for you to start working.

We provide training and keep up the relationship

Always by your side. We train you on your new equipment and provide ongoing advice.


We study your needs and the specifications of the premises to successfully plan the entire project.


We look for the best design that fits your needs. Always looking for innovation


From the classic to the latest-generation kitchen equipment. 100% state-of-the-art technology.


Not only do we design and fit your project, we leave it ready for you to start working.